DIY Washing machine

I’m a huge fan of innovation and fixing things in non conventional ways. the “make due” attitude has helped keep things running long beyond their presumed demise. I also enjoy the challenge of figuring out how something should work, and repairing it, or making it a bit better. Its like a puzzle and a competition against the problem.

I grew up in an area that was fairly remote, so the “right” tool or item for a repair wasn’t always available soon, if at all. Creativity and imagination are an invaluable tool in these circumstances and one that many don’t stretch and use enough. It then becomes to easy to just give up and only see the face value or challenge, instead of seeing beyond the problem and finding a solution.

I find inspiration to look beyond problems when I read stories about people like the students at MIT who’ve developed a washing machine out of bike parts and old barrels that will not only use less water, and cleaner water, but could also provide much needed jobs in low income areas.

Or another washing machine made out of a barrel and a toilet plunger! There are other simple human powered washing machines out there and its only one “thing” people have come up with many solutions to help address the same need in areas all over the world. Amazing, and I love it.

DIY washing machine

Don’t settle when you face a problem, see it as something to overcome and exercises that imagination and problem solving skills.

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